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Painting of Grass and Insects


Painting of Grass and Insects

Shin Saimdang Chochungdobyeong(Screen of Flowers and Insects by Shin Saimdang) is an eight-fold folding screen picture painted by Shin Saimdang(1504~1551), mother of Yulgok Yi I(1536~1584). It is called ‘Chochungdo(meaning grass and insects)’ because each fold is painted with different kinds of grass and insects.

As a representative painter of early Joseon Dynasty, Shin Saimdang is known for the excellence in poetry, writing, painting, as well as embroidery.

Especially in this Chochungdo, which is the paintings of grass and insects that can easily found at the courtyard around the house, Shin Saimdang successfully depicts not only the objects of the drawing, but also her character of appreciating even the little things in nature.

After seeing this painting, Sukjong the Great wrote this poem; Only grass and only insects, but it is very similar, how profound is this description by a person. Scholar at the time named Kwon Sangha expressed his feeling like so; It is exactly like the real things that leaf seems to be wet with morning dews, and insects seems to be alive and moving.

About 1500 sqft Chochungdo plant-garden was constructed with 8 different kinds of plants which appear in the Chochungdo painting such as cockscomb, balsam, day lily, balsam apple, eggplant, watermelon, cucumber, and etc.

The garden recreates the Chochungdo painting in reality as the bees, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and dung beetles are attracted to the plants. It will be fun to compare the scenery with the painting.