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Yulgok Personality Education Center.


Yulgok Personality Education Center is a youth education and cultural center which opened up in 2016. Consisted of two stories,  It is a digital experiment space for enjoying the Ojukheon municipal museum with various digital contents like animation, VR, hologram.

In the first floor, you can see the history of Gangneung through the descriptive panels since prehistoric time to today.

In Gangneung, where coastal terraces are developed, a large number of ‘Paleolithic’ remains have been discovered in the sedimentary soil.

In Chodang-dong, Gangneung which is famous for ‘chodang soft tofu’ comb shaped pottery from ‘Neolithic Age’ was discovered, allowing us to assume that people started to settle along the seashore in Neolithic period as well.

Also, ‘Fortress from Shilla Dynasty’ was discovered at the site where ‘Sea Marq Hotel’ currently is.

Passing through the ‘Shilla’, ‘Goryeo’, ‘Joseon’, and ‘Japanese colonial period’ to today’s ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’, here Gangneung has been the living foundation and the land of life for us.

The basement floor is a place to enjoy Ojukheon in a whole new way through Ojukheon diorama and digital image contents. The characteristics of early Joseon period private house can be viewed through the computer graphics, and you can also experience the four seasons of Ojukheon through digital image.

Search and download ‘artwork come into life’ and start the application in camera mode, then you will see the paintings alive and moving. Also move the monitor with black handle from left to right then the screen will reveal the hidden paintings. Set the artwork at image to feel the artwork of Saimdang family in augmented reality.

At the ‘Teachings of Shin Saimdang, realization of Yulgok’, you will see the teachings of a mother and realization of the son through animation.

In the ‘Story of baby dream’, you can watch various tales about Ojukheon, Yulgok Yi I, and Shin Saimdang in 3D ink-and-wash style animation. The birth story of great people in the history contains brilliant light into like a rainbow. The stories include Yulgok’s baby dream about a black dragon ascended from the ocean to fly into the bedroom and then to the womb of Shin Saimdang, baby dream of the founding contributor General Kim Yu-sin who led the fist unification of Shilla for the first time in our history, and the baby dream story of the Genera Gang Gam-chan who rescued our country from barbarian Invasion.

In the ‘digital traditional custom experiment’, anyone can try one the traditional clothing the Han-ok Maru located at the center of building. There is a place to try out actual traditional costumes as well as the digital space for virtual experience using the touch screen. Find various traditional costumes midden inside the touch screen, try them out, and take picture of yourself.

‘Blue Marble game’ is a station to travel with Yulgok Yi I to the every corner of Korea which Yi I visited in his lifetime.

‘Drawing Chochungdo’ is a digital experiment exhibition. First draw with color pencils and crayons, color them. Then scan the completed picture and send it to the screen through touch screen, then the insects you just drew will come alive in the screen.

In the ‘Hologram Exhibition of Money around the World’, you can explore and view the different money. You can search different bills used in various countries around the world, or the transformation of Korean Money.

Deep inside, we have an experimenting space for enjoying the ’50,000KRW bill’ and ‘5,000 KRW bil’ with world’s first mother-and-son monetary figure, Shin Saimdang and Yulgok Yi I. You can place your own face into the Yulgok Yi I and Shin Saimdang to create your very own money bill, then leave it to the digital guest book.

Right before the exit, we have the photo zone where guest can actually take picture with 5,000 KRW bill or 50,000 KRW bill as a background, and become the monetary figure themselves.