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This building was built in front of the Mongryongsil in 1788 (12th year of King Jeong-jo) to store Yulgok Yi I’s 『Gyeokmongyogyeol』, and a ink stone. Because it was established by the royal command, it was named Eojegak(meainng a house built by king’s order).

After hearing that Yulgok’s ink stone and handwritten manuscript of 『Gyeokmongyogyeol』 were stored in Ojukheon, King Jeong-jo ordered it to see it in the royal palace, and was deeply impressed with Yulgok’s work that he personally wrote words of praise to the bottom of ink stone. He ordered to add preface to the beginning of 『Gyeokmongyogyeol』 before sending it back to Ojukheon. By King’s command, governor of Gangwon province Kim Jaechan built this house.

The current building was demolished once in 1976 as part of the Ojukheon Renovation Project, and then rebuilt in the present location in 1987, reconstructing the old structure.