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Traditional Folk Museum


The museum offers various daily necessities and tools for everyday life as well as the artifacts donated by Kim, Youngsook.

Entering exhibition hall, the exhibition presents herbal medicine tools and various living tools such as weaving machine, weighing machine, fishery equipment, cutting tools, hunting equipments used in the mountainous areas in that order. On the other side, the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage Gangneung Danone Festival and Gangneung Nongak(traditional Korean music performed by farmers) is presented in diorama.

Divided by the water bottle mill which was used in the mountainous areas of Gangwon province, exhibition displays lifestyle related goods which shows the characteristics of folk crafts in Gangwon province, lady’s living goods, and utensils equipped in the saran-bang(the study room for the male guest).

Kim Young-sook’s Donation Relic Room displayed the baby clothes made in the hope for disease-free longevity, wedding gourmet used for the young couples’ marriage ceremony performed to host the ancestral rites and keep the offspring in the posterity, and accessories including Norigae(Korean traditional ornaments worn by women).