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Annex, Main House (Old House)


These tile-roofed houses in northern village are the buildings inside Ojukheon, which are known to have been built by Choi Chi-un.

This building was inherited to Choi Eung-hyun, then passed onto his son-in-law Yi Sa-on, his daughter Yi of Yongin, and then her grandchild Kwon Cheo-gyun. It has been the possession of Andong Gwon Clan for generations, and the Andong Gwon Clan left the place when it was demolished as a part of Ojukheon Renovation Project.

The current structure is reconstruction of the olden days according to the government’s cultural property restoration plan of 1996.

The Main House is where the lady of the house resided, and annex of the house is where the husband resided.

Carving the writings of Chusa Kim Jung-hee, 10 lined Juryun(verse couplet written on a plant) is hung on the pillars of the tenmaru(wooden porch). Lines are from Ahm-Seo-Yu-Sa of Chen Jiru of Ming Dynasty.

1) Freeness is earned outside of many works,

2) Satisfaction is known even during the early years.

3) Flower is planted after spring wipes out the snow,

4) Reading books at night ignites the fragrance.

5) I have a guest who came looking for me,

6) Looking at him who is a prominent scholar.

7) Place of liquor is always indwelled with the spring

8) In the heart of a scholar, there is no good or bad harvest.

9) Contemplating on life in search of serenity,

10) What breaks it all is the circle of coming and going.