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After 3 years of mourning beside his mother’s grave from the age of 16, he secludes himself in Kumgang Mountain at the age of 19, then comes back to the mother’s family house, Ojukheon in the spring when he turned 20 years old. There, he set up a new direction for his life, and concrete method of following that direction. In attempt to do so, he completed this writing of self-alerting words, make it his motto, and this wiring is ‘Jagyeongmun’.

This signifies a big transition in Yulgok’s life. His thoughts were developed in more various aspects with greater depth, but the essential foundation was firmly established during this period. In the Historic Site of Yulgok, the main door leaden got the precincts of Ojukheon is named ‘Jagyeong-mun’ which is taken from this title. Only, the last character ‘mun’ was switched from the letter signifying ‘script’ to the same sounded word signifying ‘door’.

This Jagyeong-mun is consisted of 11 articles.

(a) Firm aspiration.
Goal must be a big one. Set the standard as a man of virtue, and consider work undone if I am just little bit away from man of virtue.

(b) Concise words.
Balanced mind say less. Reducing the words spoken out loud is the starting point of balancing mind. Only the concise words shall be said if it is waited until the right moment to be said.

(c) Stable mind.
Mind has been on its own way for too long that stable mind could not be achieved overnight. Mind is difficult thing to find stability, for it is a living thing. When I try to cut out the scattered thoughts as a whole because it sickens me, I will feel that the scattered thoughts will be even loudly repeated in my mind despite my will. Even if I succeed in ceasing to think, it is just another meaningless act if the thought of ceasing to think dominates my mind. Each scattered thoughts, which crowds mind, deserve to be collected and looked at, but need not be obsessed with them. Continue to study this process, then the mind will find its calm state. Put all of the heart and strength in all of the doings, for that too is the study of finding stability at mind.

(d) Refrain even when alone.
All the needless thoughts will be unable to stand if the mind is always carefully guarded and never be idled to refrain even during the alone times. Ten thousand wickedness arise by not refraining in alone time.

(e) Read.
Think about what to do during morning time when waking up early morning, what to do during the day when cleaning after a meal, and what do to tomorrow when laying in bed at night. It shall be passed if there is no work at all, but if there is, I must think, find reasonable way to process, then read. Reading is to distinguish the rights and wrongs, and apply it when working. Reading without looking at works is only doing a meaningless study.

(f) Clean out the greed.
Even if heart for riches and glory can be eliminated by cutting out the related thoughts, it is still a greedy heart if I have a heart for processing your task in more easy and convenient way. This shall be more carefully detected.

(g) Be sincere.
Do the given work with sincere heart, and do not hate the work or become lazy about it. If something is ought not to do, completely draw the line beforehand so that inner conflict of right and wrong does not emerge.

(h) Have a righteous heart.
Always carve this saying at heart; Never follow injustice even if one unjust thing will earn the whole world.

(i) Be influential
If anyone do wicked act against me, I must deeply reflect upon myself and try to influence him. When the members of family does not change toward doing good, it is only because of my insignificant sincerity.

(j) Sleeping.
I shall not lay down or even lean back if it isn’t to sleep at night or because of the illness. I must not lay down even at night unless sleepy. However, I must not try to stay awake at night if the I become sleepy. Spend about ten minute for waking up the clear conscience when the drowsiness occurs during daytime. When the eyelids heavily falls down, take a walk to make sure that the mind is stay awaken.

(k) Do not haste.
Studying must not be delayed but also must not be hurried. Studying only ends after death. If I wish to earn the effect rapidly, that too is a heart for greed. I am not a son of man if I following it, since it would like letting the punishment and humiliation to come to me, which is what was inherited from my parents.