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This shrine was built in 1975 during the Ojukheon renovation to house the portrait of Yulgok Yi I.

‘Munseong’ is a posthumous title conferred by King Injo in August of 1624, meaning ‘this person acquired a deep understanding of ways of the world and morals, and have straightened the root of political affairs by enhancing people’s lives.’

Originally, Eojegak was built here to store a book authored by Yulgok titled 『Gyeokmongyogyeol』, and a ink stone used by him. However Eojegak was moved to the north of detached house, and Munseongsa Shrine was newly built here to house a portrait of Yulgok Yi I.

The portrait of Yulgok Yi I was painted by Yidang Kim Eunho, and was selected as the standard portrait of Yulgok in 1975. In the portrait, Yulgok is wearing ordinary clothes of scholars called Simeui and black Bokgeon.

The writings on the signboard ‘Munseongsa’ is the calligraphy of former president Park Chung-hee.