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Gangneung Municipal Museum


The museum presents historical relics, ceramics, ancient documents, books, paintings, and calligraphic works.

Exhibited relics include relics from Paleolithic Era excavated in Balhan-dong ruins, from Neolithic Era excavated in Jigyeong-ri relic, from Bronze Age excavated in Bangnae-ri/Ponam-dong, and from Early Iron Age excavated in Gangmun-dong/Byeongsan-dong.

For the relics from Proto-Three Kingdom Age, relics excavated from the massive settlement site Ahin-ri as well as the settlement sites are restored and exhibited. This not only shows the residence style of the Proto-Three Kingdom Period, but also the lifestyles of the people at the time.

The replica of the Chodang-dong relic is in exhibition as the burial mount of Shilla Dynasty, and exhibited Buddhist relics includes Hansong Saji stone Buddhist statue.

Next to the diorama the reproduced the process of making pottery, there is a display of white porcelain of Goryeo Dynasty excavated in Hyunnae-ri, Gangneung, and Bunchung celadon(grayish-lue-powered celadon) excavated in Bogwang-ri.

In front of that display, history books and literally collection related to the Gangneung including Imyeongji, Sangseo-myeon, doctrine, sang-sea, early copy of woodcut Nanseolhun poetry, and Tale of Hong Gildong. It also presents Geumgang paintings, paintings of eight famous spots in Gwandong, and various works of painter/ calligrapher in Yeongdong area such as Park Gijeong and Hwang Seunggyu